Sunday, June 11, 2006

New words for Omnibus films

Earlier this week, we discussed how there isn't a formal word for short films that share a similar theme, lots of websites say omnibus films, anthology films, or compilation films. Since we are a new class subject, it would be nice to create a new word for this idea.

Now the way I see it, 4 short films and all have one theme, is the same way as saying, four brothers and all have one DNA trait from their father (the theme). So it would be great if we use wording from that biology technique to use it from this idea. I think of words like genome, chromosome, gene, trait, and DNA. But I think that the word should sound French to make it sound original (also we would give the French credit that they won't thank us for....again). Unfortunately all of these words sound or look the same French, except heredity. So I would like to nominate this word for this idea: hérédité films.

Your thoughts?

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