Thursday, September 11, 2008

Irish Twins 19:46

Maybe I just enjoy films about revenge and drinking whiskey and Rider Strong, but this short really stood out for me, beyond all that. This film the strong brothers made together. Their first time behind the camera, with about 40 years of film experience combined. And they excelled.
This is a type of film I could see becoming a feature. The film had character development as well, it had all the facets of a feature film, excluding 40 minutes or so. It captured me unlike any of the other films, it had me wanting to know more and more about what was going on. Why was he narrating the story in a forest with leather gloves on and a coffee cup? Everything fell together so well it all made sense at the end. What was also very interesting about this film was that it derived from a family story and they just elaborated on it. I didn't find out about that until the Q&A section of the festival. It would have been nice to known that information before hand, I think I would have had a different view point of the film.


Joe Bocchini said...

RIDER STRONG!!! I miss him from Boy Meets World...I had no idea he directed.

Phil said...

I can't find this film anywhere, seems pretty sweet.