Tuesday, November 04, 2008

God Bless America

First Time Voters in North Carolina (2008)
Youtube.com 2:29

This short film is about a North Carolina couple (Dawn Marie Holden Daniels and Niki Daniels) who has cast their ballots for the first time. Apparently, the Daniels - who are, now, registered Democrats - have finally realized after, at least, fifteen years, the importance and power of the vote. Whew! Einstein just flipped in his grave.

To refrain from chaffing these two is near impossible. In the kairos of this film, Dawn says, "It's now more important than ever to vote for a new president." Hmmmm...wonder what that means? Could it mean that Dawn (a Caucasian middle-age woman) is fed up with the white-male dominated presidential seat? Or is Dawn a responsible voter? Her husband, Niki, probably - if not for Barack Obama - would not have even registered. He says, "I'm doing the right thing...voting for Barack Obama." These first-time voters were so convinced that Barack Obama was the man, they voted early. It seems former President Bush's years in office were not all despairing, but, actually encouraged people like Dawn and her husband Niki to get off the goddamn sofa and let their voices be heard through the power of the vote.

The content of this film, in someways, horrifies me. Since George Washington, presidential nominees have been promising change. There was nothing unique about Obama's campaign with the exception of his skin tone. I agree, socially, President Barack Obama may be the change this country needs, but, I hope my fellow Americans weighed all the options before casting their ballot, if not for proper reasoning, at least, for the dignity of voting. Congratulations President Obama and may God direct your path for the citizens of this wonderful nation are, surely, to follow.

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