Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boys Will Be Girls


The comedy sketch Boys Will Be Girls is made by the Harvard Sailing Team, and it is a group of four guys imitating girl stereotypes, hilariously.

I was impressed because the quality of video is very good and the quality of humor is even better. I appreciate when a group can make fun of stereotypes without being too offensive or hurtful. They were spot on and very accurate in their depictions.

The film is entertaining, because, hey, who doesn't love guys making fun of their annoying girlfriends? It's so much easier to realize the problem with behaviors when it's presented to you in a funny way. Why shouldn't we be able to laugh at ourselves?


haley schattner said...

I agree that HST presents stereotypes in an unoffensive manner, which makes the film funny and amusing, and not crude.

KTC said...

These were stereotypes I could stomach, but this is more of a social commentary than anything resembling a short film and there wasn't much of a narrative in the Aristotilian sense.