Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Darkness Demo

The Darkness Demo (Fullyamblomatic review)
by Ben Croshaw
July 24, 2007

This short film is a 3 minute, 14 second review of the video game demo for "The Darkness." The whole video is done using static images and recorded speech. Through the images and accompanying narration, the director takes us through his first attempt at playing this particular game.

The narration and images are humorous throughout with the director making many references and allusions to people, events, and movies in popular culture. There is a definite tongue-in-cheek feel to the short as the gamer evidently did not enjoy playing this demo. It moves at a brisk paces as the narration is done rapidly and the images are cycled through quickly; I enjoyed this because it kept me engaged and on-my-toes.

I enjoyed this experimental short because of the humorous static images and the speed at which the narrator took the viewer through the events. It was well-paced, concise, and witty. The quirkyness of it reminded me of many similar youtube videos that fall into this genre --voiced over static images -- that are renowned on the website.

Good video, different, and funny.

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haley schattner said...

I think the pace of this and the simple animation display perfectly the frustration of the player explaining the game.