Wednesday, October 12, 2011



Director Monolo Celi

Film won award from "The Florida Industry Incubator"

The short film was made for the contest that gives team 30 days to shoot and edit a 5-minute short while having a budget of 500 dollars. The film opens with Roberto Lequex , a photographer, sitting having lunch. He sees a family taking pictures and then runs over to help them. He ends up robbing the guy of his really nice DSLR and takes pictures of him as he robs him. I thought that was hilarious the way the actor got so angry and its incredible that Roberto Lequex was actually taking pictures during the filming. I like this film because it is very light hearted and simplistic. Although it has a very linear structure the end is a shot of the gallery with all of the pictures of the shoot! Very cool how the Director and photographer were able to collaborate into making a film and photo shoot into a single piece. I think the filmmakers executed the making of this short effectively and entertainingly.

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haley schattner said...

For a film made in a short period of time, it has very good editing--it seems as if they spent as much time editing as the main actor did running. Though cute, this film was emotionally obvious--we knew by the way the main character looked at the family that he meant no harm but personal amusement at their expense.