Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Carter (2008)


The Carter is a documentary about Dwayne Carter Jr. It is one of the craziest music documentaries I’ve ever watched. Wayne gave full access to cameras and showed them intimate parts of his life. He refused to sit down for interviews for the most part. Although he started with full approval, he was not on board with the project and ended up cutting it short. The documentary is an hour and fifteen minutes long. Lil Wayne is insane, he is really a crazy character, he carries bundles of cash with him, along side porn, and of course Sizzurp. “ Weed and syrup till I die”. I suggest watching the first 10 minutes to get the feel for the film. Wayne basically, tours, drinks syrup, makes music, smokes weed, talks about philosophy, and acts a fool throughout the entire film. Watch it.

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haley schattner said...

Though he gives full access to the cameras, there is question of his truthfulness, and therefore, the truthfulness of the film. Is this who Dwayne Carter Jr. is, or is it the image of him he wants to portray?