Sunday, November 20, 2011

Faubourg Saint-Denis

Faubourg Saint-Denis
Directed by Tom Tykwer, Faubourg Saint-Denis, 2006, 7 minutes.
Source: Youtube

This short portrays the relationship between a blind student and his girlfriend Francine. It chronicles their apparent breakup and then flashbacks through the development of their relationship.
I think this short is so beautiful in the way that it shows the couple coming together and falling apart. Although Francine has not really broken up with the protagonist, it does seem that they have grown more apart. Tykwer really does capture the emotion of a relationship very well. I also especially enjoy the way that the flashbacks comprise of both still shots used to simulate motion and video clips.
I think the film is significant because it does say a lot about relationships. It's not cliche like the portrayal of relationships in most chick flicks. It's realistic, allowing its audience to empathize and relate to the characters in it. As we've discussed in class before, being able to connect with a film's characters is key in the success of a film. Without being able to empathize with the characters, an audience becomes lost and disinterested.

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