Friday, December 09, 2011

The Quintessentials- She Was The One

She Was The One
Directed by: The Rauch Brothers, USA, 2011.
Source: StoryCorps on YouTube

Ever since I saw this video that Kate posted on the blog a couple months ago, I continue to find myself thinking about it from time to time. The cartoon tells the true story of the relationship between Richie and Karen. In Richie's voice we can hear the raw emotion in every second of the video. From him telling us all about how Karen changed his life for the better to the painful details of how he lost her in the September 11th attacks.

As Kate points out, the animated style of the short really does contrast with the emotional and heavy story. Which actually turned out to be a huge reason why I loved the short so much. Since by this point, we have all seen hundreds of videos and heard the millions of stories of that fateful day and I think this short does a wonderful job of setting itself apart from the rest. While we could've seen the montage of pictures set to Richie's voice with the sad music playing in the background, the lighthearted animation brings a different layer to the sad story and causes it to stand out in our minds. Kate also mentioned that there were parts that reminded her of an old Scooby-Doo cartoon and I think that's the exact light-hearted style the short was trying to accomplish and did quiet well.

Kate also originally posted that the film had a total of 92,718 views on YouTube and when I looked that number had jumped to 408,744 views. For the amount of content that is out there about September 11th, I think this short has really made an impressive impact and gained a lot of buzz for being just under 3 minutes long. With it's simple style but powerful message, this short remains very dear to my heart and I am so glad Kate shared it at the beginning of the year.


Anonymous said...

Loved the short.

The contrast with the light-hearted scene actually underlines the sad emotion, as we can feel exactly how beautiful Richie's life was in the scenes pictured with Karen.

And then at the end when he is shown talking to her in the sky/heaven...well, that emotion can be brought up so well only in this style!

Thanks for sharing!

sunita akter said...

She was the one is most appropriate name of this short animated film. I do agree with my before commenter. It is really the most emotional film. Richie & Karen are awesome.

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