Friday, September 26, 2008


Directed by Chuck Jones, United States, 1952, running time 7:12
Warner Brothers

This short happens to be one of my favorites. Looney Tunes strikes again with this Bugs Bunny classic. In this installment Bugs is trying to get to a big carrot festival but got lost and accidentally surfaces in a bull fight ring. As the matador exits the ring, the bull charges Bugs from behind and launches him out of the stadium. We get the now famous, “Of course you realize, this means war.” Bugs reenters the ring and uses several tactics in attempt to beat the bull. Some go well, some bad, but in the end Bugs out smarts the bull with an elaborate setup that uses axel grease, glue, sandpaper a match and TNT to ultimately blow the bull up.

This is a prime example of why Looney Tunes has stood the test of time. It is remarkably written, really funny, and universally appealing. This came out in 1952 and still feels remarkably current. Any number of Warner Brothers’ cartoons could have been posted but this one stood out from the rest of my cartoon watching as a kid. These tunes were edgy, innovative, and way ahead of their time. There isn’t much more to say except ENJOY!!


Unknown said...

looney toons was all of our favorites and will always have a place in our hearts. We were only allowed to watch tv till 10am on saturday so my brothers and i would wake up around 6 run down stairs and pop on cartoons...looney toons, and would be glued to the tv till 10. this shorts is so funny.

Drew Rosensweig said...

One of the main things I took away from our class this semester was how many great shorts Warner Bros. produced in a relatively short amount of time. Their continued usage of trademark gags and lines, in particular, is a practice that can be found in something as recent as "Arrested Development."

I've made a huge mistake.

Unknown said...

I remember the first time watching the looney toons, 'twas honestly one of the most enjoyable moments of my childhood. Very funny for more than just one age group, I'm laughing now as hard as i was around 30 years ago!

Unknown said...

I agree with KO, this reminds me of my days as a kid in the 70's. Good stuff