Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Easy on the Eyes

Written and Directed by Nick Wenger
Photographed and Edited by Manny Knowles
Total running time: 5:55

Easy on the Eyes is a story about a man who just can't seem to help looking at other women. Finally, his partner is fed up with it and removes his eyes. In searching for the hospital the next day (his eyes in his hands to help him navigate the route) he continues to look at other women. He again learns his lesson by losing his eyes completely. The short ends with his return home, defeated, and his lovely partner takes him inside.

I like this short because it takes a very common set up to any normal narrative and puts a twist on it. The overall message is similar to the normal narrative - that you should appreciate what you have. However the journey taken to make this realization a reality is unique because the metaphor isn't needed in this presentation. Once his eyes were taken out, his eyes were actively and literally distracting him from what he really wanted (and as he wanders the street, what he really wanted was obviously a hospital).

Whats important to note is that, aside from the occasional grumble, this short has no dialogue. The narrative is executed through other means such as body language or facial expression. Music in this film plays a large role, as it represents a growing curiosity, for example, when the man looked down the waitress's blouse. The scene where the woman is about to scoop out his eyes is made even creepier with the music to accompany it. This curious tone is maintained in his journey, as a flute or some wind instrument continues to deter him from keeping on the straight path.

And at the end, when the flute is the indicator of all his wanderings throughout the film, the music almost turns on itself to demonstrate that what he was really looking for all along was the one he was already with - the one who scooped out his eyes...


Anonymous said...

i dont really think that girl friends really react like this when they see their boyfriends eyes wonder to another womans body, but it was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

That was kinda... disturbing. But I did like the caricature of what would happen to a man dropping everything just for some eye candy, while happening to date a violent jealous-possessive.

KEBforExpats said...
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KEBforExpats said...

I actually enjoyed this film, except the scene that one of the eye ball got crashed. The music is kinda funny. It reminds me of cartoons.

Anonymous said...

I thought this short was pretty interesting for all its components (i.e. no dialogue, music acting almost as a character). However what most surprised me was the "journey" of the main character. At first we see him as a somewhat immature fellow with a mind too focused on the superficial aspects of women. However, we see a completion of character, because he learns his lesson, and ultimately learns to appreciate the most important thing in his life. Not bad for 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

thank you, i enjoyed that short

Avediddy said...

Pretty harsh lesson for just having a wandering eye but I enjoyed the musical component as well as its quirky, if not slightly sick, humorous side.

Anonymous said...

What a bitch. Kathy Bates did it far better in Misery (which
I'm sure this film owes a great deal to) - and didn't seem like she
was just being an unreasonably jealous snot on her period. It's
funny, because maybe this is a great and enjoyable short to
some, but in comparison to that fantastic and fantastically
creepy movie, it's terrible. They're too much alike. Also, why does he go back to her?
Seriously, someone gauges my eyes out, I'm done. That's it.
Annie kicked ass, I'm going to go watch that again, you dirty birdy.

Anonymous said...

Hmm pretty interesting. I think the film does an ok job convincing us why the woman gets so fed up, but neglected to make us want him to appreciate her. The only aspect of her character that I saw was a jealous, spiteful woman and I kinda felt bad for that guy in the end! Maybe they could have shown them having at least a decent time together---before the eyeball mutilation? But cool overarching message.

Anonymous said...

I know right? who should take such harsh treatment? but then again, the man shouldn't be looking.

Maybe it speaks more to a "what women would do if they acted on what they were thinking" kind of idea.