Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cataplexy - DC Short Films Festival

Cataplexy - 7 minutes - USA
Directed by John Salcido

This short was a fun comedy that had the majority of the audience laughing throughout, including myself. It starts off with a man ordering a call girl to his oceanfront apartment for a little late-afternoon delight. Upon her arrival at the apartment, both the call girl and man quickly realize that the two of them were old friends from school. The awkward tension during this scene was very humorous due to the shear ridiculousness of the moment.

The two reach a mutual agreement to order in a "replacement" girl, and to kill time chit chatting about the good ol' times until she arrives. During their conversation the man confesses that he suffers from cataplexy -- a rare disease that results in the loss of muscle function triggered by emotions. In his case, the feelings that accompany "love" trigger his cataplexy; because of this unfortunate circumstance, his only interaction with women is through prostitutes.

It becomes obvious half-way through the short how it will end, but I was nevertheless engaged and excited to see how the director would play-out the inevitable finale. Sure enough, the man falls for the women and collapses face-first in his bowl of broccoli soup at the dinner table -- much to the delight of the audience.

Again, I thought this was a solid short. It was paced very well, explored a unique storyline, and was very lighthearted and fun, making it an enjoyable viewing.

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