Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Die Kola Helden

Die Kola Helden (The Cola Heroes)
Jefferey Long, USA, 2008. 6:00.

This short film was probably my favorite in the generally strong Showcase One. It is the story of a newly married couple who have a problem. The guy is all about Coca-Cola and the girl is all about Pepsi. The opening scene sets up the conflict, with the wife giving her husband a Pepsi which he promptly replaces with a Coke. The film goes on to show the discord in the marriage with heavy classical music (with no dialogue) and shots of the husband agonizing before he goes to bed. Eventually, the husband can stand the pain no longer so he fills up his bath tub with Pepsi and dives in to end his sorrows. His wife jumps in after him and we cut to her swimming underwater. She saves her husband and he is converted to the Pepsi cause, bringing happiness to the marriage. The short ends with the couple passing a young woman drinking Coke and giving the husband the eye.

This short is a very clever and well made film. The film succeeds in making a very minor difference between the couple into a wide chasm that can only be bridged through the heroic efforts of the wife. I liked how the epic music contrasted with the seemingly silly plot and set the tone nicely. Overall, the film explores relationships and how small differences can sometimes cause problems but in a humorous and light way.

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