Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Showcase 5

I've always been a huge fan of short films and DC Shorts definitely strengthened my love for them as a whole. Although there were a few films that I found well, less visually stimulating than others, the showcase in itself was very eclectic and featured films that are completely, 100% different from one another. I find that aspect of this kind of film making to be one of the main reasons why I love shorts so much. They are all so creatively contrasting with not one similarity that many feature length movies share like dialogue, plot, title -- happens way too often CRASH, anyone?

Although there were a few films in showcase 5 that I didn't consider ...good, majority of the shorts kept me entertained and left me wanting more. For instance, A Day's Work (# 5033) featured a mother who relentlessly takes her son to work with her one day. The short is shot in black and white which perfectly sets the mood for the entire film which basically shows how much this overworked, single mother is struggling to keep herself together. She works at a studio as a voice over actress for English to Czech films or TV shows. Some of the short is humorous since the movie she is working on is an American film and she has trouble understanding the English speaking director as he tries to give her specific guidelines. However, it quickly gets serious when the scene that she is told to act accordingly with is an emotional scene where the woman is crying uncontrollably. The director was afraid Anna ( the mother) would not work for the part, when actually it came quite easily for Anna to pour out her emotions and cry. Anna's job is the only way she can really let out her frustration and unhappiness.

The last short in the showcase, C U @ Ed's, # 5502, is a much more light hearted short that features Tina and Taad, two awkward, single people in L.A. who have been talking to one another online for awhile and are finally going on their first date. The beginning of the short starts with a zoom shot of Tina as she puts lipstick on ( gets it all over her teeth) and then cuts to Taad as he is gargling mouthwash and spryaing cologne on himself. It's obvious the two are extremely nervous about the date and are unsure of how it will turn out. Tina waits anxiously at the coffee shop at 6 pm as Taad decides which flowers to buy her -- lillies or roses. At the coffee shop the two sit quietly and have awkward laughs and slight conversation, but nothing really happens. However, when they are given the check, things take a drastic turn. Taad stares at the check while Tina fidgets in her chair. Suddenly, Taad takes his coffee cup and whips it against the wall. As the cup shatters to pieces, Tina looks at Taad in pure astonishment, but then she throws her coffee cup against the same wall and shoots Taad a loving smile. The two are told to leave the shop and end up watching a movie together on Tina's computer,sitting on the curb outside the coffee shop.

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