Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brokeback to the Future: Spoof Trailers

Broke Back to the Future
Director: Unknown
Running Time 2:11

The true definition of an internet sensation is one that is forwarded through emails, linked on facebook pages, sent through AOL instant messenger, but never see the likes of the big screen. What great about this short is it's been in both realms. These trailers remade are an internet sensation amongst themselves not only just this one (but Brokeback Mountain is a popular choice). I chose this particular trailer out of thousands of remakes because of the use of two films that were once very popular films on the big screen and now have faded into TBS and
our DVD players.

This trailer spoof takes the Back to the Future trilogy and splices them in a way that shows the two main characters in the film in a homosexual relationship. All of the clips that are used have slight sexual connotation to them, whether it's the Fox and Lloyd hugging or gazing into each other eyes. Needless to say all of the clips that are used are taken completely out of context. But put hem all together and throw the
in the song The Wings by Gustavo Santoalla from Brokeback Mountain and the typical trailer music and you got yourself a completely different film.

I watched a few dozen of these trailers, from the very creative Good Will Hunted to the lesser Fight Club. But this short stood out the most for me because it's resemblance to an actual trailer, I think it even had some of the viewers who commented on it excited to see the feature length version of the film. What I noticed watching all of these spoof trailers is that they all seem to revolve around one central theme, which is Brokeback Mountain. Sure, there are plenty of other trailers that used different ideas to run with. But I think why so many of these trailers use homosexuality as their focus point is because it's so easy to run with. Take any film with two main characters that are men and run a some clips where they are looking at each other, play those in slow motion and have the song playing
in background and there you have it a brokeback spoof.


Max said...

That was hilarious! Very true about the slow motion boosting homosexuality. Also creative flow in linking scenes.

Geoff said...

True that it is easy to make a Brokeback spoof with of a movie where the two main characters are men that are men. But, Back to the Future was particularly good to make a Brokeback spoof of b/c Marty and Doc were always getting caught in awkward situations. Like two guys always hangin out breakin the rules.

Annie said...

haha, that was awesome. I would have never been able to put those movies together, but now that its done, its totally obvious that there could have been a homoerotic romance between those two characters in Back to the future. You also might be able to do starwars, and do han solo and luke, they are always fighting, so that would be an idea.

Joe Bocchini said...

HAHAHA...I see these all over youtube now. I actually think that they are very creative. I just wonder how long it would take to make and if it costs anything.

Phil said...

Couldn't you just slow any scene down, add that music and at make it look homosexual? Funny though.

Chris Hansman said...

I always thought Marty McFly and the professor had a thing for each other. And I'm right!

Lucas said...

If I had not know about Back to the Future, I probably thought this was a love story. It's pretty interesting how one can spin films like this, it shows you all the different directions Hollywood can advertise their films and all the people they can try to appeal to.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.