Monday, September 05, 2011


Directors: Arnold Mathieu & Laurent Riboulet, France, 2007, 7 Minutes

The film has no dialogue, only sounds, its about a guy driving on the highway. As he speeds along the highway he needs to tale a number 2, he sees a rest areas and parks. While gong to the bathroom an alien crashes into the hood of the car in a craft the size of a small grill. The alien says something in alien and puts a spell on the guy and flicks the rest of his toilet paper roll over a mountain.  After he gets the toilet paper he throws it and chases it again. The ending credit has him in outer space capturing and re- releasing to the toilet paper again.

I really like the animations in this short.  I thought the story started out very ordinary and took a complete detour as far as where I thought the storyline was going. They main issue is the character needs to use the bathroom, then he becomes only concerned with chasing the toilet paper not even having it. It’s a weird film but I like how its left open to interpretation. My favorite cinematic scenes are the part where he is chasing the toilet paper and jumps in slow motion to get that paper, I thought it looked cool, and I liked how the directors played with time. Although the storyline was very puzzling the studio showed they could make a funny animation, it kind of reminded me of the show Roadrunner because of the desert setting. I think the main moral of the story is to chase what you want in life, go far and never stop desiring.

(written by Jeff Liao)

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