Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Baque-Soatá

TITLE: No Baque-Soatá (On the Beat, by Soatá)
GENRE: Animation, Music Video
LENGTH: 3 minutes
DIRECTOR: Carlon Hardt

No Baque is essentially a music video that tells a story, but not a narrative. It utilizes food, dance, color,  to animate Brazilian culture and uses pop and urban influences to examine the musical trends in the song itself. In the link above there is a link to “the making of” video which explains a lot of the inspiration behind the artistic choices made in the video. The foods- beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, etc- are all local and beautifully arranged in each shot. 

This short really worked to capture all the aspects of the song, and of the culture the song comes from, by combining urban, pop, and traditional influences. We move from drummer to B-boy to dancer to city to brightly colored pencils and we do so seamlessly because of the unity of the elements, the colors, the textures. 

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haley schattner said...

I really enjoyed watching this and it brings to light the concept that you are what you eat. This video shows that images can be made from anything. Unfortunately, I do not speak Portuguese, but I think the title "On the Boat" is fitting because all of the characters are made up of items that are shipped on boats to other countries--I am not sure that is purposeful or not. Also, this film reminded me of Giuseppe Arcimboldo paintings. Through animation, his style paintings can come to life.