Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wasp- Week 1 Post

Wasp by: Andrea Arnold

This 2005 Oscar winner is a dramatic live-action short film about your not so typical Britain family. With the desires to go out on the town and have a life all her own, but the baggage of four little children, this film follows the unsettling story of a young single mother. Even with severe consequences staring her in the face, the opportunity for a night of fun with an old flame arises and she grasps it. The night of irresponsible choices goes from bad to worse in this film's 26 minute run time, but Arnold surprisingly still manages to create an unconventional yet hopeful story even when set in an unlikely place.

Even for a story that left me very uncomfortable and on the way to upset, this film really captured an array of emotions and ultimately left me feeling, which I believe is exactly what Arnold set out to do. Throughout the entire film we have moments of embarrassment, anger, and sadness for the situations that the children are being put through by their irresponsible Mother. However, Arnold not only makes you feel for these poor children, but also leaves the audience with a sense of want for the Mother to find her own happiness. I believe the hand-held style also gave this film a very personal and intimate feel to the frame. The shot of the children running and playing in the pub's parking lot really is a very upsetting scene considering the circumstances, but the feel of the scene actually portrays a sense of happiness instead. I can definitely understand how and why this short won an Oscar, because in my opinion it not only served it's purpose of entertainment, but also served it's purpose of finding a whole range of emotions in what would usually come across as a sad story.

By: Morgan Hendrix

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